Homeoffice: Pain relief through warmth during office hours


Wärmflasche Schreibtisch für Schmerzlinderung im Homoffice

Using a hot-water bottle at your desk ? Let's upgrade the effectiveness!

Bellyaches, cramps or backpain during office hours can really dampen your productivity level! As much as the classical hot-water bottle may help relief your symptoms, the bottle just won't sit right when working at a desk. The bottle will slip from your stomach as soon as you lean towards your laptop or constantly fall off your back... 

We at KOALAA Comfort have gnawed quite a while on this annoying problem - and are proud to present our solution! With the KOALAA Heating Belt you can use the effective heating-properties of a classical hot-water bottle with a modern twist. The ergonomic belt let's you strap on the heat just where you need it! This way you can effectively warm your belly, soothe cramps or help loose the tensions from strained tendons in your lower back. No matter if you are kneeling on the ground watching movies on your phone, doing the dishes, gardening or taking apart your motorcycle - KOALAA can support your back and warm you during your everyday adventures! 


Wärmflasche beim Arbeiten effektiv einsetzen am Laptop

Warmth and pain relief everyday and while doing chores

Need to get up for a cup of tee or coffee during a strenuous studying session? No problem, the heat stay just where you need it, wether you're sitting or taking a walk. 

Hot water bottle koala for the back heating belt pain relief