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The first hot-water bottle to wrap around your body - available in 3 sizes.


A traditional hot-water bottle integrated into an elastic back-support belt. The wide Velcro fastener on the narrower end of the belt allows ideal adaptation to the body contours. The elasticity allows for individual preference in terms of tension when strapping in.

The hot water bottle is conveniently filled with hot water directly (while inside the belt) through an extra-wide opening and is securely closed thanks to the wide bottle cap.

The elastic material is thinner towards the body to allow ideal heat transfer towards the body.

In order to guarantee an extra tight fit on the body, the hot-water bottle is integrated in a particularly flat manner. To care for and maintain the belt, the hot-water bottle can be removed via a narrow Velcro pocket, which does not restrict flexibility during use.


For a tight fit - in the household. At the desk. When moving. At rest.

No slipping, elastic adjustment to the body contours and stabilization of the spine.

Snug fit to the abdomen and back.

Period pain, chronic back pain, cramps, inflammation, Crohn's disease, endometriosis, and much more.


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