Die inventors of the first hot-water bottle to wear!


Die Erfinder der ersten Wärmflasche zum Umbinden

Hello! We are the KOALAA-Team: Raffaela und Vincent

Do you like hot-water bottles? And nifty inventions? We do too!


Raffaela studied medicine Medizin, Vincent studied physics Physik. Together they invented the KOALAA Heating Belt, so that the hot-water bottle can finally stay exactly where you need it! 


the first sketches of the KOALAA Heating Belt

After trial and error-testing with a bunch of different designs and materials, they could finally launch KOALAA on multiple platforms like Amazon and the very webshop you are visiting right now! 


Their KOALAA even brought them into television: Watch their presentation of on the Austrian start-up-show "2 Minuten 2 Millionen"!  

KOALAA - The ergonomic hot-water bottle to wear! Known from 2 Minuten 2 Millionen

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Raffaela und Vincent want to thank you. Thank you for your ongoing enthusiastic support on the KOALAA-journey!

Thank you for over 10.000 KOALAAs sold, that found a new home in all of Europe!