The KOALAA Heating Belt

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KOALAA Wärmflaschengürtel Produktfoto
KOALAA Wärmflaschengürtel mit entnehmbarer Wärmflasche für Bauch und Rücken.

Brilliantly simple or simply brilliant?

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Warmth whenever you need it.

Concentrate on what matters.

Easy fill and go

Ein Mann füllt eine Wärmflasche im KOALAA Wärmflaschengürtel auf.
KOALAA Heating Belt | The Ergonomic Hot-Water Bottle To Wear! | ★★★★★ (4,7/5)
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My KOALAA has become an irreplacable companion. The warmth and support are such a relief in the household and with the children!

Mary K., Nurse

Was very well received as a gift. Has really good hold and the hot-water bottle fits snugly to the body. I was surprised by the intensity of the heat! 4 hours non-stop warmth. Wow!

Sebastian F., Media design

The KOALAA is a saviour for my cramps. and my husband loves it for his back as well. We're fans already!

Isabelle R., Physiotherapy

The best presents

are those, that make life a little more pleasant.

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